ICP Group (ICP) and Index Investment Group (Index) are excited to announce a joint venture investment platform that invests in the South East United States real estate markets


Our goal is to deploy capital into opportunistic development projects
with focus on multifamily residential rentals and senior living to deliver attractive returns over 15% IRR in less than 5 years






ICP and Index participate with their own cash in the projects they present.

Solid financial models and conservative outlooks.

Our teams have over 30 years experience with a proven real estate track record in the markets we operate.

We always work with local partners to enhance local knowledge.

Index Group has developed over 6,500 residential units since its inception with focus on Southeastern US and Florida since 2010
Projected Returns
15%+ IRR
*net of fees
Admin Fees
Term: Typical hold of 5 years with potential 2 year extension before return of capital Investment 

Focus: Mainly Residential Real Estate Development, Core Plus and Value Add
Minimum Investment 
Fund Target
5 years 

Highridge Landing

Land Acquisition: January 2014
Project Completion: October 2016
Project Sale Date: May 2018
Project Term: 4 Years
Occupancy: 93%
IRR: 40.56%
ROI: 167.72%

Tarpon Harbour

Land Acquisition: May 2014
Project Completion: April 2016
Project Sale Date: March 2019
Project Term: 4.1 Years
Occupancy: 96%
IRR: 18.32%
ROI: 106%

Sonoma Pointe

Land Acquisition: February 2014
Project Completion: July 2016
Project Sale Date: August 2017
Project Term: 3.5 Years
Occupancy: 94%
IRR: 41.79%
ROI: 156.51%


Projects we are working towards realizing
Center Park Apartments 
The Atlantic Wellness 
Florida Keys Resort
Seaward Pointe Rental Villas
1000 North Luxury Apartments & Office
Other projects under review
More information to be provided after investor's certification. Additionally please refer to appendix for a sample of recent projects. 
Welcome to the world of Index. We are a Swedish independent investment group with a global vision.
Since its inception, Index has grown organically without any institutional equity funding; hence, always putting its own capital at risk.

Founded in Sweden, 1998 by Bjarne Borg and Fredrik Alama

Index at a glance 

Index develops and invests in a variety of asset classes that generate stable cash flows and profitable divestments primarily in The Greater Stockholm Area (Sweden) and Florida (USA)

The successful business model is built upon investments in regions where management has a strong local knowledge and extensive experience.

Full investment cycle experience

Acquisitions & Development
Management of properties
Successful divestments of 6,500+ units
with focus on multifamily & assisted living.

Management team

Management team is made up of seasoned professionals relevant to
the various fields in which we invest.


Mr. Borg has over 35 years experience in managing start-ups,
leading teams and running a wide range of multinational
corporations with focus on investments and developments in
real estate, renewable energy, and disruptive, innovative
equity investments. Mr. Borg began his career by starting an
IT consulting company in the late seventies and working in
the IT industry until he was called to serve in the Swedish
Airforce. After his military service, Mr. Borg went on to earn
the designation as an Authorized Accountant in Sweden; and
in the late eighties founded and headed up a consulting and
accounting practice before fully focusing on investments
and developments across three countries; Sweden, USA,
and Canada. Mr. Borg is currently based in Jupiter, Florida,
acting as the Executive Chairman for the investment group
he co-founded in 1998 to develop the group’s North
American operations and global business strategies.


Mr. Steinberg joined Index Investment Group in July of 2014.
In a career that began in 1986 he has successfully developed
a wide range of residential product types which include over
50 single family custom estate homes, five zero lot line
luxury communities that ranged in size from 30 to over 300
units, residential garden communities, townhomes, four
active adult communities, as well as hi-rise condo towers. In
addition, he has developed commercial office buildings, and
several mixed use projects in New York City.


Mr. Swift became the CFO of Index Investment Group in 2015
after working as a consultant for the Group since 2012. He
has over 20 years of experience in advising and working with
entrepreneurs and executives at all levels in financial
management, the application and planning for both Federal
and State taxes, and business development. During his time
as a CPA in public practice, Alan has worked with both
private and public companies in planning, directing, and
synchronizing their financial functions by applying sound
financial/accounting principles. He has also developed
streamline methods for the analysis of Company’s financial
information including budgeting and cash flow management
for senior management executives.


Joacim Borg joined Index Investment Group in May 2013.
Borg has experience with market research and analysis,
strategic planning, client relations, and government relations.
Originally from Sweden, Borg spent much of his childhood in
the U.S. and graduated from Bentley University in MA with a
B.S. in Managerial Economics with a concentration in
Entrepreneurship. Borg is instrumental to helping expand the
Index portfolio in the U.S. and contributes to all new
development projects as well as supporting the research
and proposals for new business opportunities. Borg has also
taken responsibility for the marketing and branding of Index
in the U.S.
We are an investment group based in Czech Republic that continuously seeks and evaluates investment opportunities in real estate and private equity projects. 
We search for opportunities where we can create value and design complex as well as successful investment stories.

Founded in Czech Republic, 2015 by Ondřej David
and Marek Klaus

ICP at a glance

In 2018 ICP extended its activities from Central Europe to Florida by acquisition of commercial property of 67,000 sqft and a 7 acres developable lot.

ICP Capital Partners builds on an enthusiastic and skilled team of professionals with backgrounds from M&A, real estate, strategy, and financial advisory.

Close cooperation with one of the top Czech law firms DBK Partners.

Full investment cycle experience

Focus on commercial and residential real estate
Looking for value add in investment opportunities
Assets under management of over $75 mil

Meet the Team


Ondřej is a founding partner of ICP Capital Partners and a
seed investor. Ondřej came with the initial idea of creating a
professional investment platform serving him and his close
friends. Together with Marek Klaus, they created the core of
the ICP Investments division and set the investment vision in
addition to the strategy.
Ondřej has extensive experience of over 15 years in
transaction advising, tax structuring and in investments
which is invaluable and brings a lot of insight to ICP Capital
Besides this, Ondřej is a founder of the Czech law firm DBK
PARTNER which specializes primarily in advising clients on
large-scale commercial transactions, cross-border
transactions and international taxation.
Ondřej co-authored the “Commentary on the Czech Civil
Code”. He is the leading speaker in seminars held by DBK
PARTNERS for professional public and private investors,
focusing on the law of investment funds.


Marek is a partner and co-founder of ICP Capital Partners
Investment division. His main responsiblity concerns the
firm’s everyday operations and performance. He is in control
of the portfolio companies’ management and their
performance. He participates on creating visions as well as
future targets of the ICP platform and is responsible for their
fulfillment. Marek’s enthusiasm drives ICP people forward
and to create an equally enthusiastic climate for the ICP
team of professionals. Marek has a varied financial
background from the banking industry to M&A transaction
advisory. As a banker, Marek gained experience in credit risk
management at CSOB (part of KCB Group). Later, Marek
switched to M&A industry and worked for Deloitte in the
Czech Republic and Sweden, where he participated and
gave advise on various transactions in both regions in an
amount that was above 7 billion CZK combined.
Marek graduated from the Institute of Economic Studies at
Charles University in Prague.


Vladimíra, a partner in DBK Parnters, has been with the firm
since its beginning. She acts as an in-house lawyer for the
firm. She is an expert in commercial, transaction and
corporate governance law.
We appreciate her prompt approach and interconnection
with the ICP team – her thorough attitude to our investments
always brings another point of view on solving potential
issues and risk mitigation.
During her career, she participated in many cross-border
transactions. She is experienced with determining an optimal
organizational structure and principles of corporations in
general. She has counselled on optimal distribution of
powers and responsibilities of corporate bodies to various
important clients.
She led the team of DBK Partners lawyers who were the first
to establish a SICAV fund in the Czech Republic. Vladimíra
co-authored the “Commentary on the Czech Civil Code”.


Daniel joined ICP Capital Partners in 2015 as an analyst.
Nowadays, he is an important and essential member of the
team who has participated on all existing investments.
He excels in analytical skills and capably combines it with his
common sense. His curiosity and distinct questions widens
the thinking and problem solving of the entire ICP team.
Daniel studied Economics and Finance at Charles University
in Prague and holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Markets
and Econometrics from the Institute of Economic Studies.

contact us

1000 North US HWY 1
Suite 902
Jupiter, FL 33477

Index:+1(561) 571 0360

ICP: +420 734 472 717